Structural Engineers for Oxfordshire, the South and the Midlands
  • Structural Engineering

    From projects in excess of £40million to smaller works SWJ are able to solve any engineering challenge with a diverse range of abilities backed by experience

  • Structural Surveys

    SWJ will identify the causes of structural defects in buildings and design cost-effective remedial measures with a view to minimise any potential disruption

  • BIM

    Our commitment to BIM (Building Information Modelling) and continuous improvement means that we are at the forefront of developments within the industry

  • SWJ Consulting Ltd

    Focused in Oxfordshire we work with clients across the Midlands and the South of England.

Looking for an experienced and professional structural engineer for your next project?

Commercial and domestic structural engineers serving our clients across Oxfordshire, the South of England and the Midlands

SWJ is a forward thinking structural engineering practice with considerable expertise in the design of housing and building structures.

At the heart of our philosophy is collaboration; using the latest BIM technology to integrate information and expertise from all parties concerned providing plans that can predict, and therefore avoid, build issues. Our services are most effective when clients consult SWJ Consulting at the very start of a project, this has proven benefits of efficient and successful project management using comprehensive and collaborative plans to provide the best quality information we can for our clients.

SWJ Consulting have the capacity and flexibility to be involved with a wide variety and size of scheme, from projects in excess of £40million to smaller works that still demand quality design and attention to detail.
SWJ Consulting was started in 2017 by three former directors and employees of Gemma Design, Witney. Taking a perfect mix of knowledge, expertise and experience with them, Rhys Skym, Russell Wrapson and Sam Johnston started SWJ Consulting to offer an outstanding level of service and expertise.
The benefits of using BIM amount to more than just geometric data, it can become a reliable basis for decisions throughout the facility’s life-cycle. Collaboration, efficiency and technology is at the heart of everything we do. We look to work with like-minded clients and contractors who want to work in a collaborative environment.
Our ethos is based on nurturing good working relationships with our clients and forming long-term partnerships based on trust and performance, thereby bringing significant benefits to all parties.